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Intro: Metrapticurean

May 12, 2006

This is a blog about music.

I said that right away not because I want to imitate any straightforward writing styles, or to dramatize the post. I said that right away because I’m pretty sure you don’t care about any other bull**** I have to say. You want to know what this is all about. And now you do, and if you do not care to read this introduction any further, you probably wouldn’t miss too much by leaving. Maybe a section of text that DOES try to dramatize things.

Honestly, there is very little you need to know about me. I am very vain, and I am not that important. I am not god. I do not know the voice of god. I am not a terrorist who has infiltrated your government. I am not right behind you. I am not a pair of pliers. My opinions and tastes do not matter, and they probably will not sync directly with yours. I am not an artist. It is not my goal to drive you away. I hope you enjoy my writing.

I want to make this mostly about music, but now and then, I may jump in with some other form of media or entertainment to critique. You know what, no, I don’t want to critique stuff. That makes it sound too official. I will instead analyze stuff. It is my goal to give you a better understanding of what music I do and do not like, and what you should look out for or check out right away. That big word? The intention was to make that big word mean something along the lines of a confined but safe space in an urban area where there are a great deal of things, such as a CD rack, a book shelf, an old chair, and an old stero. There is also a large wooden structure, and a lot of posters and pages from magazines on the wall.

If miniscule details are what you want, then you got them here. You don’t really need to know much else. While I am analyzing the albums, products, etc that I will, you need to keep in mind that I am trying to help you. The idea is not to alienate you or make you curious just because I posted something that no one else would understand. But then again, I am sort of writing this for myself, so I am not going to be completely straightforward on a lot of things.

Have fun!