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Intro: Ridunkulous Experiences

July 14, 2006

Hey, it’s red_atm from metrapticurean. I decided that it was time to move to another host for all my posting needs. For a few reasons, actually. I started to realize that the word metrapticurean wasn’t interesting enough. Beyond that, the site was just giving me troubles and the theme was this testing default theme that they gave me. It’s time to move and spruce things up.

The name is better now, in my opinion. I was thinking of places that people like to go that have good names, and a lot of times, the name has nothing to do with the subject at hand. So I grabbed a dictionary and started to pick out random words. Lunar caught my eye at first. But it’s too wimpy. Too touchy-feely. I wanted some words that were both sophisticated and tough. “Experiences” popped out at me right away. It can apply to pretty much anything, and it is sophisticated too. So to put a word with that would be tough. It would have to be close to opposite of “experiences.” I wanted a word that sounded really manly, but also sort of curious so that it would draw attension.


Nah, it’s not weird enough.


Ridunculous. It’s catchy, and it’s mysterious because it’s not a real word, like metrapticurean. But it’s not weird enough. Hey, let’s add a k and it’s fine. It sounds like something that cool guy from college would have said, doesn’t it? It’s okay. You don’t have to answer that, because it does. And as if “ridunkulous” wasn’t cool enough in the first place, when you pair it up with “experiences” you get a little sex in the middle. And who doesn’t like sex? The only thing better than sex is s Ex.

I’ll still be doing the exact same stuff I did before, which is primarily reviewing music. With any luck, this host will be better and I will be able to pick out a good theme and things will be less testing. Within the next week or so, I’ll be uploading previous posts and figuring the site out. It should be a lot cooler when I’m done with it. Also, hopefully more people will come around, because honestly, no one wants to go to a site that has “blogspot” in the name. Heck, I really don’t want to have “wordpress” in the url, but it’s way better than blogspot. I wouldn’t even call this a blog site really. It just sounds too stupid. I have a better word than that now anyway.



Wow. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for what feels like less than an hour, and the site has practically done everything for me. This is very, very good, I gotta say. At this rate, absolutely everything there is to clear up should be cleared up in a matter of just a few days.