Random Notes

July 31, 2006

I think I might have to nail a schedule down for this thing for when to post. I guess I don’t that often just because I figure I should put a half week or so in between them. If I just posted something every time I had a new idea, then I would probably get bored too quickly. Seriously, how often does anyone even read this? In any case, material to post isn’t an issue. I have three reviews completely prepped for posting that are just waiting in the queque, more on the way. I suppose I could just post them all when I’m done, but once again, things would get out too quickly.

I think what I will do is post a new entry every monday and thursday, except for this coming week when I will just do one on Tuesday for the sake of it being at the beginning of August. Then I can’t see it really mattering too much what time I post them, but I might as well just be on a schedule. It’s more comfortable that way.

Uh… Among other things, my birthday is coming up soon (just thought I’d let you know, so you could sit on your couch and not give a flying fuck about some dude you don’t even know and what day he was born đŸ™‚ ), and that means more CDs and stuff. So I will likely do more reviews. If I get any new games, I will most likely review them too. You can see the game reviews I make from my gamefaqs page which is linked from the left sidebar under “My Game Reviews.”

I realize that I seem to be reviewing only things that I like. Well we will just have to make a few new rules to stop all the bitching. I review what I feel like reviewing, and nine times out of ten, it’s an album that I like. I’m a complimentary guy, what can I say. This is mostly because I listen to shit that I like. So quit your bitching, all you picky people, and realize that I have good enough tastes and guessing ability to be a smart shopper/listener. Most of the time what I’ll do is an album that I recently aquired/is new, so just keep that in mind.

Uh… I guess expect something on Tuesday. I’ll give you a little hint type thing. It’s a solo album from a member of a certain band that may be making a comeback soon.


  1. very interesting post! I wish I could write like you…


  2. as-94783-sa

    nice post. i always enjoy reading this blog.

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