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My Bloody Valentine – Glider[EP]/Tremolo[EP]

August 19, 2006

As far as influence goes in popular music, people usually think of The Beatles, The Who, and Led Zeppelin above all else. But when it comes to modern music, people usually think Sonic Youth, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Smiths, and maybe even Nirvana. But My Bloody Valentine isn’t always credited with the praise it deserves. In the same way that Daydream Nation and Psychocandy changed the prospects of recording, Loveless by My Bloody Valentine did too, and it spawned a new era of beauty and noise. The problem with Loveless is obvious; the album ended the bands career because of how simply good it was, and the perfectionism of Kevin Shields refused to release an album that didn’t trump it. Naturally, this would be a tough feat. So when people pick up Isn’t Anything and Loveless and end up loving them, well, where would they go next anyway? It’s not easy to be fan of a band that had only two full albums. If I had to direct these confused people in one direction I guess it would be in the direction of Ecstacy and Wine, the lovely Psychocandy inspired compilation of two EPs that arguably has no bad songs at all. But most of where fans would want to be directed are the two EPs from the Loveless era. Because it’s disappointing to know that Loveless was never followed up, and if you want a taste of something simmilar to Loveless, getting these two EPs is about as good as getting half of a completely different CD, and while that CD would not be quite as good as Loveless, it would still be fantastic.

Much like Isn’t Anything, Loveless had two EPs that accompanied it. Glider came before Loveless, and Tremolo after. Both have things in common and things different with eachother and Loveless, but it is pretty obvious that both are essential for My Bloody Valentine fans. First off, both albums have a track from Loveless. I guess the only difference in that respect is that the track featured on Tremolo has a different ending, but that’s about it. Both EPs have three b-sides as well, and all of the songs are reminiscent of Loveless in some way. I guess the difference is, and respectfully so considering the sequence in which they were released, Glider sounds like it leans more towards Isn’t Anything with the production of Loveless, and Tremolo sounds more like Loveless with a little bit of a new direction.


I’m not sure how the band got the inspiration that led them towards the sound that Loveless has, but this sort of shows the transition. I’m not big on Isn’t Anything even though I understand it was very important, but regardless of the renegade misorganization of the album, it is a tad too muddy and unorganized for me. But what this EP has is the Loveless production and instrumentation with songs that are more reminiscent of the Isn’t Anything era. It’s good simply because it is what fans would want from a release preceeding Loveless by only a few months, and they wouldn’t have known quite what the new record would do.

The track taken from the album is Soon, which is arguably it’s best, a poppy little dance beats with bells and soaring guitars. But the rest of the songs on the album, the b-sides, are not close to as good. They are rather delicious if you are open minded and understand that My Bloody Valentine is not very conventional at all, but they are weird, no one is going to pretend otherwise. The title track is hardly even a song so much as a switch between two chords with interesting sound effects for a few minutes. It’s not very accessible, but it is pretty nonetheless if you understand MBV and already enjoyed Loveless. The next song, Don’t Ask Why, isn’t very layered, but it has a floating mass of sound effects that carry over a hushed tambourine and complement some nice poetry from Kevin Shields. And finally there is Off Your Face, which is probably the most accessible b-side here. It is a lovely little love tune that not only explores lust like many MBV songs do, but also flat out love. It’s a perfect example of the band finally learning what those quick drumrolls that they did years ago song after song really mean.

It’s a fun little EP, and it’s essential next to Tremolo if you are a big My Bloody Valentine fan. I’m not quite sure I’ve heard the whole story, but I think more tracks were actually recorded for Glider for it to be a full album but were later scrapped. An interview with Kevin Shields in 2003 stated that the members were thinking about entering the studio again to redo those tracks. But don’t quote me on it. But the truth hurts… It gets the crap kicked out of it by Tremolo.


If you are looking for some kind of direction to which the band would have gone after Loveless considering that the band hasn’t made another album yet since the 1991 epic. It is far more consistant than Glider and much much better, and it arguably features songs that are good enough to be on Loveless.

The song taken from Loveless is the atmospheric little love musing To Here Knows When. There is a slight difference between this and the album version, and that is that the ending is a tad different, but it’s not anything worth sweating. The core of the song is exactly the same until the last thirty seconds. It’s a great song. Next comes Swallow, which is easily the caliber of any of the songs on Loveless. It almost sounds a little eastern with it’s upbeat pace, bells, and vibrant flute-like instrument that takes the wheel. Of course the layered guitars are here that make the signature sound that the band revolutionized. Belinda Butcher is a fantastic vocalist and her talent really works here. Her words are always relaxing and reassuring, unlike Kevin Shield’s, although he isn’t a bad singer either. If I had to make a guess as to where the band would go after Loveless, Swallow is either as close to that sound as we will hear for a long time or just completely reminiscent of Loveless on it’s own. Honey Power is perhaps a little more layered and loud, but still sweet as candy. Belinda once again proves herself to be a really talented vocalist. And then there is Moon Song which MBV fans hail as both good and very strange. It is a hypnotic wall of sound if I have ever heard one. It has some bongos that complement the twinkling sound well. Think a night in a tropical ring of islands looking at the moon. That’s about what this captures.

So it’s way better than Glider in it’s own way, but I wouldn’t put down Glider either. It just stays more consistant.

In the end, if you liked Loveless, you would like these EPs. They are pretty much the only way that ones thirst can be quenched for more Loveless. Neither of them are extremely rare like the bands earlier EPs, so… If you are going to get brand new copies of each, I’d go to and check out some of the suppliers there and you could get new copies of both for ten a shot and used maybe around five. It’s well worth it and they aren’t that rare. Good purchases and great music from a great and tragically underrated band. And if you have never heard Loveless, check out the review that I wrote for it a month or two ago. Just dig around in the archives a little and you will find it.