Youtube Corner Pt. 3: AW SHIT! It's spontaneous music video time!

September 21, 2006

OK, I figure since it takes me so little time to make a youtube post and a fricking long time to make a standard review, I might as well just do more youtube posts. I’m online almost every day anyway, so I figure if I’m going to be here anyway I might as well just take a minute to post something interesting every so often at another random day during the week. I’m pretty proud that I have adhered to this schedule as well as I have… I usually can’t follow schedules at all. But I’ll let this be sort of my reason to run wild.

But I’ll post this one on schedule simply because I will include more than one video in it. But from now on, don’t be too surprised if I just jump in with a post on a day that’s not Monday or Thursday. I mean, youtube is a big site. Theres a lot to see and hear, and I think that I might as well take advantage of that vastness and ability to post a video easily here.

This is a lovely little music video from a band called Lush. They were around in the early nineties and made a lot of sweet, kindhearted, and, well, Lush music about love. They were part of the shoegaze era and consequently had a lot of layered guitars and sound effects and such. Almost every song by Lush is great and extremely interesting. This song is called Sweetness and Light. I like the band a lot. I might do a review of one of their releases later. Sorry about the poor quality, but the video is already so spontaneous that it hardly matters.

This is Nirvana playing Radio Friendly Unit Shifter live at MTV Live And Loud. I recently bought a poster that has Kurt on it with one of the statues in the background behind him, and it looks like he has angel wings (for $6.99 too!). I don’t know if it was taken from this concert, but I’m thinking it wasn’t. The statues were a rarity, but I think they were there more than once, maybe just twice. Really, this is one of the best Nirvana performances I have seen, at least as far as individual songs go. The song is the perfect mix between melodicism, angry punk, and sheer noise. Notice how every band member seems to be in a great mood, including the awesomeness of Pat Smear on the right. The energy here is just crazy, especially near the end when Kurt and Pat go on a fantastic little hypnotic guitar feedback trip thing. It’s about everything you could ask for in a great Nirvana performance, considering it’s not so common a song that the members are totally sick of it and that everyone on stage is having great fun. Great, great performance.

This is a classic Led Zeppelin Promo for Traveling Riverside Blues. I don’t have a completely extensive knowledge of the music industry, but if you were to ask me what the earliest music videos were, I might tell you some stuff from The Beatles’ Hard Days Night or that one Bob Dylan video of the cue cards. It’s hard to say. But music videos only became widespread in the 80s. Led Zeppelin had a few things which they didn’t exactly call videos but more promos. This is one such promo for arguably my favorite Led Zep song. It’s classic blues sort of adopted from an earlier blues artist who I can’t recall the name of at the moment. I am also in the process of reading a Led Zeppelin biography for school. It is very interesting. Apparently, Jimmy Paige knew damn well and admitted at the critics first notice that a lot of the songs were borrowed from earlier artists. I would hardly say they “ripped off” anyone so much as didn’t bother to credit them because they thought that anyone who would make the connection wouldn’t really mind too much. It’s probably one of my favorite music videos ever.

And I leave you with a moment of clarity from our good friends of My Bloody Valentine doing a trippy video for Soon. Surprisingly enough, the band actually made a few music videos. They were very surreal and cool, and although the ones for To Here Knows When, You Made Me Realize, Swallow, and Feed Me With Your Kiss were pretty cool, I’d say this one fits the music best. It’s very calming and soothing, and the video is too. By the end of their career as a band, MBV decidedly made Bilinda Butcher the centerfold of the music with her touching and extremely effective lyrics. She was also the focus of the latter music videos too, and considering the focus of the band was sensuality and sex in the latter days, it would make sense to put the fairer gender in the spotlight. You get some really good images of Bilinda in this video, as her body glistening with distortion dances on through the music. The videos for Soon, To Here Knows When, and Swallow are close to identical really, but if I had to choose the best one it would be this. Really, anyone who likes the band should just do a quick youtube search of any of the MBV songs I listed along with the band name. But don’t just search the band name, or you will get five pages of shitty anime tributes featuring a godawful Good Charlotte song.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoy this batch of videos. They’re good’uns.

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  1. can you please help me about how to make a spontaneos video on you tube?

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