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Frances Bean Cobain Fansite Online, Proves World Really Is Full Of Creeps

October 16, 2006

Being a hardcore Nirvana fan, I can tell you that news that relates to the topic at hand is few and far between, and when it is there, it isn’t always so interesting. And really, it has no reason to be. However, right now things are pretty upbeat, considering a wealth of releases to be looking forward to. Not too long ago I checked my favored source of Nirvana news and found that there is a new biography on the horizon. I may see if I can get it. Kurt Cobain was recently on the cover of Uncut magazine, and the accompanying article on the grunge scene was fantastic (save the abscence of Alice In Chains coverage). Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! is getting a DVD release with some unreleased material.

I also noticed another update. It said that Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain who any Nirvana fan knows was the absolute best thing that could have ever happened to him, has a fansite where over 1,000 images of her can be found, along with extensive information, videos, and a journal where Frances herself writes and keeps “fans” updated with details of her personal life.

Within seconds I felt sick.

Everyone knows that celebrities have an especially hard time raising their kids to be respectable people. The cameras are already enough to make me nuts. All Access is TV that makes me want to puke. What the media does to these people is ridiculous. If you want to see them on the red carpet, that’s great. At a press release? Fantastic. But I think it’s upsetting to see even these rich actors who I many times resent due to their position get harassed and snooped on by dickheads with cameras. I find the practice of celebrity worship something to be taken with a grain of salt. I have given up on my dream of the lack of it, because I know it’s not going to happen. But what is even worse than celebrity worship is putting their kids in front of the lens. It’s creepy shit, I’m not going to lie to you. I saw a picture of a member of Radiohead and his little kid on the internet once, and that deeply disturbed me. That’s the kind of stuff that just really shouldn’t be circulating, because I know for a fact that they don’t want those pictures being seen by just anyone.

I suppose the situation is different for Frances Bean Cobain. To explain what the media was like all those years ago is difficult. People were still settling into the new age and the celebrity culture, and they weren’t used to music having attitude and not being hair metal or really bad pop. But I won’t go there. What the camera saw back then was different. And when Frances Cobain was born, Kurt couldn’t have been any more proud and happy, which is why he brought her to interviews and award shows and concerts. And people respected their privacy a little more. The slander was still there like it is now, but at least no one was sneaking into back yards or snapping photos of them shopping constantly. And to be honest, the Cobain family was larger than life. It was a celebrity situation that was unlike in many subtle ways anything the people had seen before.

Part of what is unnerving is the fact that the daughters of other celebrities don’t get fanclubs like this. Why? Because their parents would do something drastic about it. However, the situation IS different and the Cobain family, with all due respect, isn’t a completely pampered group like your typical celebrity family is, not that I really keep track of any. It’s innocence. Courtney Love doesn’t take her daughter out to press releases all the time for a reason. She understands that her daughter is not just the child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, but also a person with her own identity. If she wants to get famous on her own and make music or be an actor, that’s great. Then people can start building a mindless fanbase. But she hasn’t. She’s fourteen. I was fourteen not too long ago. I know damn well that fourteen year olds should not be subject to this.

But what really bugs me about this is personal, I won’t lie. I don’t like to see the daughter of one of my musical idols have her privacy raided on the internet. I feel hesitant speaking for him, but if Kurt Cobain was still with us, I’m pretty sure he would be disgusted and offended. In many ways, the death of such a great man marked the beginning of such a brutal celebrity culture (or perhaps it was the birth of Frances that spawned it, it’s hard to say), and I can only dream of what kind of songs he would write about all this utter nonsense that is Hollywood today. I’ll admit it, I am guilty of visiting the website, and I wish to see it’s demise. I’m not going to post the URL here simply because it just shouldn’t get anymore traffic. I checked the photo gallery (god save me) and clicked on “top rated” and what I got angered me even more. There were pictures of all kinds, even baby pictures which I know for a fact that the poor girl would not want shown to anyone. And not baby pictures in public at award shows that the parents were alright with having taken. I mean home stuff. But the most viewed picture on the website is a grayscale photo probably taken recently, with her hair covering one of her eyes. I looked at the photo for a few seconds. She looked strikingly like both Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It didn’t take me long to realize, even if she is a nice looking girl and daughter of a, well, celebrity, that this was some really fucked up shit.

What is really strange is the upshot of the site is that they claim that Ms. Cobain is actually in contact with them, and writes in a journal on the website. I find this blasphemous. I may be naive, but I’m not stupid. The “girl” (whoever she may be) who writes in this journal is of an uncanny resemblance to the typical California dumb blonde high school girl. Say what you will about Courtney Love, she would surely not raise her child to be a “liek, myspace” teenager. Beyond that, common sense tells us that Frances Cobain would never want to be a celebrity for who she is known as, nor would she want to associate with a webpage that posts her baby pictures, one of which even shows her without a shirt on (albeit almost fifteen years ago). The proof pictures are horridly fake and a sign that says “It’s Me!!” really says nothing. I suppose I theoretically could be wrong and this may very well actually be Frances Bean Cobain writing on this blog. But I would just like to say that it’s extremely unlikely, close to flat out impossible. Even if by a snowballs chance this is Ms. Cobain, I would apologize. But not for my opinions. I still feel that this site is not only silly and stupid, but also wrong and disrespectful. Beyond that, there’s a lot of fucking creeps out there. No, a ton. And for every fourteen year old girl, theres three times as many creepers, at least. Even then, that’s a generous estimate. Really, myspace is a bad idea, even more strange and even possibly dangerous as this. But people chose to have profiles on myspace. This is pure calculated impersonation.

So I implore you, administrators of “Frankly Frances,” to remove your webpage from the internet. Your site is wrong on too many levels. You have lied, fueled the evil celebrity pestering fire, and no doubt embarrassed the person who you worship so.

That is all. If you disagree, please leave a comment. I’ll be sure to consider your views and no doubt shoot them down accordingly. I can’t see this one being argued against too easily.