Frances Bean Cobain Fansite Online, Proves World Really Is Full Of Creeps

October 16, 2006

Being a hardcore Nirvana fan, I can tell you that news that relates to the topic at hand is few and far between, and when it is there, it isn’t always so interesting. And really, it has no reason to be. However, right now things are pretty upbeat, considering a wealth of releases to be looking forward to. Not too long ago I checked my favored source of Nirvana news and found that there is a new biography on the horizon. I may see if I can get it. Kurt Cobain was recently on the cover of Uncut magazine, and the accompanying article on the grunge scene was fantastic (save the abscence of Alice In Chains coverage). Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! is getting a DVD release with some unreleased material.

I also noticed another update. It said that Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain who any Nirvana fan knows was the absolute best thing that could have ever happened to him, has a fansite where over 1,000 images of her can be found, along with extensive information, videos, and a journal where Frances herself writes and keeps “fans” updated with details of her personal life.

Within seconds I felt sick.

Everyone knows that celebrities have an especially hard time raising their kids to be respectable people. The cameras are already enough to make me nuts. All Access is TV that makes me want to puke. What the media does to these people is ridiculous. If you want to see them on the red carpet, that’s great. At a press release? Fantastic. But I think it’s upsetting to see even these rich actors who I many times resent due to their position get harassed and snooped on by dickheads with cameras. I find the practice of celebrity worship something to be taken with a grain of salt. I have given up on my dream of the lack of it, because I know it’s not going to happen. But what is even worse than celebrity worship is putting their kids in front of the lens. It’s creepy shit, I’m not going to lie to you. I saw a picture of a member of Radiohead and his little kid on the internet once, and that deeply disturbed me. That’s the kind of stuff that just really shouldn’t be circulating, because I know for a fact that they don’t want those pictures being seen by just anyone.

I suppose the situation is different for Frances Bean Cobain. To explain what the media was like all those years ago is difficult. People were still settling into the new age and the celebrity culture, and they weren’t used to music having attitude and not being hair metal or really bad pop. But I won’t go there. What the camera saw back then was different. And when Frances Cobain was born, Kurt couldn’t have been any more proud and happy, which is why he brought her to interviews and award shows and concerts. And people respected their privacy a little more. The slander was still there like it is now, but at least no one was sneaking into back yards or snapping photos of them shopping constantly. And to be honest, the Cobain family was larger than life. It was a celebrity situation that was unlike in many subtle ways anything the people had seen before.

Part of what is unnerving is the fact that the daughters of other celebrities don’t get fanclubs like this. Why? Because their parents would do something drastic about it. However, the situation IS different and the Cobain family, with all due respect, isn’t a completely pampered group like your typical celebrity family is, not that I really keep track of any. It’s innocence. Courtney Love doesn’t take her daughter out to press releases all the time for a reason. She understands that her daughter is not just the child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, but also a person with her own identity. If she wants to get famous on her own and make music or be an actor, that’s great. Then people can start building a mindless fanbase. But she hasn’t. She’s fourteen. I was fourteen not too long ago. I know damn well that fourteen year olds should not be subject to this.

But what really bugs me about this is personal, I won’t lie. I don’t like to see the daughter of one of my musical idols have her privacy raided on the internet. I feel hesitant speaking for him, but if Kurt Cobain was still with us, I’m pretty sure he would be disgusted and offended. In many ways, the death of such a great man marked the beginning of such a brutal celebrity culture (or perhaps it was the birth of Frances that spawned it, it’s hard to say), and I can only dream of what kind of songs he would write about all this utter nonsense that is Hollywood today. I’ll admit it, I am guilty of visiting the website, and I wish to see it’s demise. I’m not going to post the URL here simply because it just shouldn’t get anymore traffic. I checked the photo gallery (god save me) and clicked on “top rated” and what I got angered me even more. There were pictures of all kinds, even baby pictures which I know for a fact that the poor girl would not want shown to anyone. And not baby pictures in public at award shows that the parents were alright with having taken. I mean home stuff. But the most viewed picture on the website is a grayscale photo probably taken recently, with her hair covering one of her eyes. I looked at the photo for a few seconds. She looked strikingly like both Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It didn’t take me long to realize, even if she is a nice looking girl and daughter of a, well, celebrity, that this was some really fucked up shit.

What is really strange is the upshot of the site is that they claim that Ms. Cobain is actually in contact with them, and writes in a journal on the website. I find this blasphemous. I may be naive, but I’m not stupid. The “girl” (whoever she may be) who writes in this journal is of an uncanny resemblance to the typical California dumb blonde high school girl. Say what you will about Courtney Love, she would surely not raise her child to be a “liek, myspace” teenager. Beyond that, common sense tells us that Frances Cobain would never want to be a celebrity for who she is known as, nor would she want to associate with a webpage that posts her baby pictures, one of which even shows her without a shirt on (albeit almost fifteen years ago). The proof pictures are horridly fake and a sign that says “It’s Me!!” really says nothing. I suppose I theoretically could be wrong and this may very well actually be Frances Bean Cobain writing on this blog. But I would just like to say that it’s extremely unlikely, close to flat out impossible. Even if by a snowballs chance this is Ms. Cobain, I would apologize. But not for my opinions. I still feel that this site is not only silly and stupid, but also wrong and disrespectful. Beyond that, there’s a lot of fucking creeps out there. No, a ton. And for every fourteen year old girl, theres three times as many creepers, at least. Even then, that’s a generous estimate. Really, myspace is a bad idea, even more strange and even possibly dangerous as this. But people chose to have profiles on myspace. This is pure calculated impersonation.

So I implore you, administrators of “Frankly Frances,” to remove your webpage from the internet. Your site is wrong on too many levels. You have lied, fueled the evil celebrity pestering fire, and no doubt embarrassed the person who you worship so.

That is all. If you disagree, please leave a comment. I’ll be sure to consider your views and no doubt shoot them down accordingly. I can’t see this one being argued against too easily.


  1. I love you Frances Bean

  2. I really do agree with everything you have said. Except perhaps the MySpace comment…as it seems very similar to AOL and is just a thing “of the moment.” Like Bill Gates said about Google (“One day we’ll look back and see how we “googled” for stuff and laugh”) I think one day we will see how primitive MySpace was and how much fuss we made about it. All it is is someone’s picture and info, real or not, and the possibility of it being misused and someone endangering themself on it is just the same as if they got an AOL screen name or made an AOL home page.

    However you are absolutely right about how disgusting this site is. I don’t know if the creators even realize what their site implies but, I suspect they do, and are profiting from this site, which can only be called child exploitation on a massive scale. I hope someone starts a petition. (I would, except my computer skills are not so great)

    BTW, I don’t agree with the Google remark by Gates. It just seemed to convey what I wanted to say about MySpace…it’s here, for now, and sooner than later it will fade away.

  3. mmkay, i’m thirteen, i believe i have every right to obsess on her…

  4. i agree and think her father would be ashamed

  5. pictures of her with kurt just make me so angry they should be private. but to be honest im a bit ashamed of her chavvy ways anyway

  6. I agree that Kurt would be outraged with how she’s become and just Hollywood today in general. I’m not saying she’s turned out bad, she probably has a fucking great life, but it’s not that people obsess over HER as a person, they obsess over her because she is the daughter of two rock stars, one being dead. Kurt Cobain had a sudden and tragic death and people are clinging onto whatever is left of him: Frances. I personally think if Kurt was still with us, there wouldn’t be a fansite on the net about her at all.

  7. Hey! I admit, I was following a Frances trail. Her “site” is “quoted” 4 times on another one, and I was curious.

    As of right now, there is nothing on the site, other than a message saying it will be up later. Perhaps you’ve been heard after all. :0)

    And while I do feel a little guilty for viewing “intimate” pics of the Cobain family taken when Frances was little, I also feel a little honored to be allowed to see them. It’s not as if there will ever be any more…

  8. I liked you article. I too was just browsing for Frances’ information posted on the web, pictures of her, articles, whatever. I’m just an observer, I had nothing better to do.
    I grew up listening to nirvana, a serious fan. no picture of Frances affects me much, it is nothing compared to what I consider to be most important, you know, that chapter of rock: grunge, nirvana, kurt as an artist, his influences on rock music, a few scattered things that remain and the records that will never die. I have to say, after I’ve read your article and it was hard not to, I really don’t feel like keep on going with my search, I’ll go read a book ๐Ÿ™‚

    Isn’t it crazy though how just a few years ago (i’m talking about 3 or 4) you could not find any new pictures of Frances online, ok maybe a couple but from far away and you could hardly see her. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I guess maybe this is a reason why now people started going crazy on her-thats the reason I was online, someone told me about that webpage you wrote about. It all really depends on how much they want to be seen and I have no idea if that person is Frances or someone exploting her because of her young age but frankly I don’t care, the whole Hollywood businness is so far away from me and I’m glad it is so. We’re they’re little puppetts, what a sad thing. just keep that in mind everyone! and read more articles like this.

  9. i’m sorry i bother you guys so much! no but seriously with what i just wrote i wanted to say, and then while concearned with typing I forgot, that we’re not the creeps, yes there are! but most of us aren’t. We are bombarded with information all day, who hasn’t heard of Courtney Love?? what i’m trying to say is, shutting down one website won’t change a thing because others will pop up in a couple of weeks and being ashamed of going online to look at Francis’ pictures is moronic. the only thing we can do, because hey we’re not gonna stop the stars from making publicity, we can only change our attitudes, accept what we see but not consider it as important, not obsess about it.

  10. courtney had it pulled…

  11. The person who was writing in the journal on the Frankly Frances site was in fact not Frances, herself, but an imposter. She set up a complex web of lies that fooled hundreds of people. The person who runs the Frankly Frances site is free of blame. She was blinded by this elaborate hoax, along with the rest of us. Since then the site has become strictly a fan site. I know that does not reassure you much, but I thought you would like to know.


    p.s. I am not the one who runs the site, only a moderator in the chatroom that this fake “Frannie” weaved her web of lies. The chatroom has since been opened up and the veil removed from our eyes.

  12. poor kurt, it’s a hard life, or should i say: was a hard life? but it’s always the same with these celebrity kids i mean i’m sure if you search peaches geldoff or apple paltrow you’d get sites just like ‘frannies’. she should have to earn stardom on her own not leach off her parents ready made fame.

  13. i think people are just fascinated with frances because kurt wasnt just a rock star. he led a movement and when he died so suddenly with frances being so young it hurt everyone who truely appreciated him and his music knowing that she’d grow up not knowing the immense artist and deep soul her dad really was. and i think everyone feels compelled to know about her because they have this deep seeded wonder of how she’s turned out so far soley because kurt is not around. shes the only spawn of kurt so in turn people blindly hope for her to be just like kurt, to represent his ideals and are intrigued by the haunting resemblence she has to him. its unfair that she has to endure all this hype at only 14 but i think its more so now then it will be when shes actually an adult because shes at that age where she’s discovering who she is as a person. its like kurt fans never really had closure when he died and he was unlike any influence the celebrity world ever had and because hes part of her will she influence this generation like he influenced the 90’s?
    thats my intake on all this haha

  14. i think that frances is not kurts daughter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I don’t think the site is really an invasion of privacy… Frances is going to these events with Courtney and it’s bound to be noticed. I’m not so sure it has much to do with Kurt anyway, sure he was her father but both her and Courtney have moved on since then, the fans clearly haven’t… It’s hard to distinguish her as being *separate* and different from her father but it makes sense, she wasn’t raised by him.
    But anyway Kurt had a lot of opinions on vanity and stuff, I hope she looks into it as she grows up and I’m sure she will, but the main thing he wanted was that she grow up happy even without him and I think that’s happened so he’d be proud of her. He didn’t want her to be like him–he really just wanted her to have a good life…

  16. Hello Ridunk..
    I am the creator of the Frances site in which you refer too. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to read your heartfelt opinion on the matter until now.

    I agree that about a year ago (when your “article” was written) the Frances site was more about having the opportunity to meet Frances online etc etc. I, along with a number of people, were under the impression that it really was her, due to the poser having tons of exclusive pictures and facts. A mistake on my part, I admit, but as a matter of fact with celebrity and the internet today it is in fact very common for (especially the young Hollywood scene) to interact and promote themselves on the web. I did have a blog for her, pictures, interaction with the fans etc because I was under the impression that this is what SHE wanted. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought I was in fact invading her privacy, and in fact when we finally did find out that the poser was some hic from WV, I made it a much more exclusive site, that now currently only gives news and pictures.

    Whether its morally correct or not, Frances does have fans and I am giving the fans what they want. You might say that I am promoting a fan base that shouldn’t be there in the first place, but I guarantee, if people are curious, they will find out on their own, in probably much more invasive ways. There is no point in pretending that Frances doesn’t have fans and people arn’t interested in her. I don’t think it is morally wrong at all, that just because she is fourteen (fifteen, now) she shouldn’t have fans, thats just being ageist.

    Furthermore, I think you are completely wrong about teens not wanting their life to be public. I think its is probably everyones dream for some type of fame at that age, maybe its different for someone who has grown up in the spotlight etc; but if she really didn’t want to be in the spotlight, she wouldn’t be attending public events as she has been doing for a while now. If she did stop attending events and wasn’t in the spotlight for a while, I would probably take the site off because I would assume she didn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore.

    While you might see it as an exploitation, and a bad idea for kids to get wrapped up with (and I do see why, to an extent), I see the site as idolizing someone good. Yes, Frances has remained a normal teen despite having very many family problems, hasn’t been wrapped up with drugs etc. She has taken a different route than her parents, and that is something that kids can look up to, idolize, maybe, but idolizing someone like Frances is much better than idolizing the kind of junk the media does put out, Lindsay Lohan, Britney, Paris etc. You are saying that Frances shouldn’t have fans because she is not normally chased by paparazzi? I am promoting a good, whole role model that the media doesn’t emphasize possibly because she is not constantly doing racy activities in the first place!

    And I will continue to do so, until, I do in fact have official word that I am doing wrong to Frances, but right now, I feel I am doing good to young kids of this generations, possibly going through similar problems that Frances went through. Thankyou.

  17. slt Frances Bean Cobain je suis amoureux de toi tu me plait boucoup et je sais pas pour qoi? je suis fan de nirvana et j’aime boucoup style vie de ton pรฉre kurt cobain c’est vrement cool
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  18. Well, I severely doubt that Frances has a problem with having a site dedicated to her, I myself am merely 14, and I’d kind of like a site dedicated to me, although, accesible to thousands of pedophiles is a bit creepy. However, the part I have no understanding of is anyone being a fan of Frances, she could be a sweet intelligent girl a thousand times over, but infact this girl has not done anything credible other than get genes and DNA from two influential rockers. That in a way is disrespectful as herself, as she is trying to become her own person rather than ‘Kurt and Courtney’s kid’ when in all truth what has Frances done? I’m sure she has talent, and I’m a huge Nirvana and Hole fan, but I just do not understand the obsessions.

    Seriously people, wait until she does something, makes her own band or some shit to start obsessing. Kinda creepy.

    • Hello all,

      I stumbled upon this forum and was taken by the topic and all of the different responses. Most on point for me is this particular post of which I am replying to – which in itself was written by a 14 year old.

      With that said, I agree with Samantha that although having a personal fan-based website is ‘cool on the ego’ it’s still a little creepy on via the pedophile/OCD aspect/risk.

      I also agree with her and many others here who have stated that Frances hasn’t done anything to deserve a fan based site!

      Like most of us here, I was/am a huge Nirvana fan myself but besides the occasional ‘…I hope Kurt’s daughter is doing well…’ thought sentiment – there’s not much more to inquire about.

      I see absolutely NO reason for a fan-based website. In my perception, it only promotes negative ego influence and gives the OCD fans of Kurt a look into his personal life – in this case his daughter’s life – which I am quite sure he wouldn’t want if he were still alive.

      Talk about missing the point as a fan! When you really understand Kurt’s point of view on things of this world, including his fame and what it means to have a normal life… again, the site and all the obsession surrounding it just seems dirty and I really do hope that people can run ‘it’ out of their systems like a horrific episode of COPS or REALITY-TV!

      Cheers to your post Samantha, nothing beats hearing the perspective of those who can better relate ๐Ÿ™‚

      -david powers

  19. her mother said that when frances saw the Frankly Frances site she was really upset because she thought it was creepy. i think that site’s pretty sick. frances is a MINOR. why are people idolising her anyway? or is it only pedophiles who visit that site?

    • Well if that is indeed true then the site’s operators need to do the adult/human thing here ๐Ÿ™‚

      and I have read their response where they claim to be actually doing the ‘right moral thing’ and are actually sheilding Frances from the harsh outside world… please, I think the majority of the world sees through this – hopefully you will as well. drop your ego driven site and move on with your life ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. i agree

  21. listen.
    my friend, who thinks that frances is the ugliest person in the world, signed up to her fan site.
    now she cant sign out.
    anybody know how to cancel the registration?

  22. does anyone know her e-mail ot msn please

  23. I personally believe it’s ridiculous to think people are pedophiles because they’re a fan of a daughter of a star who still happens to be a minor. But I also think if she is uncomfortable with a website that promotes fame on her behalf, that site needs to be deleted. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of someone, regardless of whether or not they’ve done anything special to make themselves “famous” or popular such as writing music or starring in movies. A better word for fan, which is basically short for fanatic, would probably be admirer. You can admire someone without being obsessed, as the word fanatic would imply. Or how about respect? Especially if you know or have reason to believe she has not lived a life similar to those of her parents– instead of calling yourself a fan, it would sound a lot less “creepy” if you simply said you respect her. Everyone likes to be respected.

    I saw photos of her in articles about Kurt shortly after his death, and I thought she was adorable, and have always been curious what she has looked like through the years. I have a lot of respect for Kurt, as a lot of his lyrics seem to have a strong resemblance to a few things I’ve gone through in the past (not necessarily family problems or other situations, but depression and feelings of guilt and, one thing that strongly surfaces when I hear some of his music, is the fact that he had a stomach illness that was not diagnosed and I have had problems with my digestive system all my life and the pain has often made me wish I could die). I’m not just one of those people who are like “wow, he was hot and had a great talent and I love his music so much,” although those things about him are true in my opinion. I’m more of a “that sounds so much like me, I wish I knew him, I bet we would have gotten along great, had a lot in common, and had a lot of fun together!” The difference between us, though, is that I’ve never tried any drugs and certainly don’t feel as if anything like that will be of any benefit to me no matter how bad I feel physically or emotionally. Since I have those kinds of thoughts about Kurt, I have often wondered what it would have been like to know his family and especially to have known his daughter, who is the same age as one of my cousins. I’ve always loved children, and from the photos I’ve seen she looked as if she would have been a very happy baby and I’m guessing that if it’s true that she is not living the same kind of life that her parents lived, Kurt would be extremely proud and chances are that she knows that. His lyrics prove that he was not proud of some of his habits.

    I also want to add that I have a cousin only a year younger than me (I’m 25) whose father died when she was young, and his death was ruled a suicide even though most of the people who knew him didn’t believe him to be suicidal. So I kinda know (only not directly through personal experience) how difficult it is to find out the truth about what happened– murder or suicide. It’s very awkward talking about it to the daughter of the victim– so I often wonder how difficult it is for Frances Bean to go through a day without hearing “I wanted to ask you a question about your dad…”


  25. frances i m big fan of your dad and he is really good person but…and…that is it.love yourself and love courtney.kurt love everyone on earth.he and his cult is alive in bosnia and herzegovina and so much young people listen nirvana songs..after many many years…
    goran 1993!!!my e mail is goran218@hotmail.coom

  26. MY EMAIL IF U WANT TO CHAT SOMETIMES steboa26@yahoo.com

  27. oh yea by the way francis are they coming out with a new movie about your dad with your mom producing it.that movie will be of the chain

  28. =/ shes become a 16 year old girl now, she can live the life she wants. if she thinks its wrong, get those sites shut down, if she thinks its cool, then go for it i say. live your own life, ya know what i mean?
    i just hope that she takes care of her mother. =(

  29. i am one of kurts biggest fans and like francis bean to.people need to lay off of her she has been through enough in her life with her dad and courtney.we love u francis bean

  30. kurt changed rock music forever.it hasnt been the same since he left us.he is the rock icon.i have every cd he has come out with i want one of his jackets that courtney had

  31. She is just a emo goth teenager who had the party in a gothic birthday party. Jesus christ did you see the band that played there, MSI? God. She is fine and never meant to hurt anybody. Courtney Love is a work in progress, and would do anything for her child, leave their lives the fuck alone. God. And no Kurt would not be ashamed you assholes.

  32. Please if anyone knows somw way i can contact her ? e-mail , msn …..

  33. Im not to sure on what to think on this.
    I think, though, because shes been raised under Courtney, shes turned out more ‘hollywood’.
    I think if Kurt had been around, perhaps she would have been different.
    But its something we’re never going to know.

    I love Kurt, hes influenced me very deeply, but who’s to say that he may not have taken up the Hollywood persona himself?
    (Although it makes me siiick to even think about it).
    Its an industry that these days is so much more powerful and influential, its almost compareable to politics.
    I just hope she makes her daddy proud.

  34. your father influences me immensly in my life, still to this day. I just finished reading for the second time NEVER FADE AWAY. it was put together nicely, your father was a musically talented and a lyrical genius and will always be remembered!

    your awesome francis and gorgeous

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