Great Gifts

January 11, 2007

Of all the gifts we receive so often and with such varied obligations and intention, the best gifts have at least a few certain undeniable qualities.  Of course, it is impossible for all gifts to contain all of them.  But the absolute best are:

1. A complete surprise.  It’s one thing to know you are getting something, but to be taken by surprise is infinitely enjoyable.

2. Personal.  Not a generic selection, but instead geared towards the receivers tastes or desires.

3. Selfless.  It’s not fun to get a cool gift on your birthday or Christmas when there are obligations involved.  When someone just decides to give you a random gift, that really means something special.

4. Fun.  Practicality may be ideal, but how much the receiver will have fun with the gift is also important.  As a side note, how meaningful the gift is often reflects the fun factor.

5. Beautiful.  Although it may seem like a trivial detail, how the senses initially absorb the gift is pretty important.

6. Comforting.  All people go through hard times, and to have something to lean back on is helpful for anyone, no matter what.

7. Long-lasting. Sugary treats, alcohol, and a great meal are all priceless on a day to day basis.  But they don’t last.

The best gift I have gotten in a long time, that is to say “the disk,” as there could surely be no other more significant, is all of these things.  It was a total shock, exactly what I wanted multiplied by one hundred, extremely fun, pretty, relaxing, and nearly endless in enjoyability.  It’s only flaw is that it probably can’t be matched by another gift given back.

Thank  you SO much.

One comment

  1. Nice blog but expecting some picture of great gifts. By the way your blog looks cool.

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