Super Bowl XLI: Bears Vs. Colts

January 21, 2007

I’ll admit it, I don’t really care about football that much, but you totally get sucked into the whole thing at about this time of the year.  It’s official, The Bears still kick ass and The Colts are still freaking cool.  How about that game?  HOW ABOUT THAT GAME!?  The Colts totally shamed The Patriots, that was seriously one of the better comebacks I’ve seen in sports history.

All I know is that either way this will be an extremely fun and enjoyable Super Bowl, not like past years where it has been constant returns of The Patriots or just teams I don’t care in the slightest about.  I’m from Chicago so it’s pretty obvious who I’m rooting for, but I like The Colts too, so it’s no biggie at all.

So let us put aside our differences, break out the cool beverages, sit on the couch with a feast of chips and dip, potato skins, and other great sports snacks, and watch some good quality football.  It’s the American way!


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