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2007: Big Year Ahead In Music

January 23, 2007

If anything, I have a feeling that 2007 will be remembered as the year of the reunions. It seems like tons of bands are jumping in to play again, and a lot of older bands are coming out with new albums. I have a ton of news, and I feel like it all needs to be said here somehow, so I’ll just get on with it.

Rage Against The Machine is playing Coachella. And yes, it is confirmed. To a lot of people, this is a big deal because RATM has sort of been out of commission for the past five years or so, and now they decide to play a big festival. This is Coachella we’re talking about, so tickets are limited and expensive and most of us (me included) won’t be able to attend due to the obvious circumstances of finance and geograpy, but either way it’s great to know that Zack De La Rocha has finally decided to leave his spider hole. For those of us who can’t go… This is going to be one hell of a bootleg. It’s just great to know the band has decided to play again. Will this prompt a bigger reunion or possibly an album or tour? It’s hard to say. Details are scarce at this point, but considering what we do know is mindblowing enough, I’m going to take it easy and see what happens.

As if one fantastic band wasn’t enough to make this festival amazing, The Jesus And Mary Chain has also hopped on and will be playing too. Now The Jesus And Mary Chain is a much different situation… They are an older band than RATM and disbanded back in 1998. So in my opinion, this is actually a bigger deal (not to overshadow what is already great news). Once again, this is the only show confirmed for them, but because the internet is just so great, the show will surely reach our ears one way or another. It will be great to hear one of my favorite bands playing their classics after so many years. No word on any reunion albums or tours here either, but we can be hopeful.

Air has a new one out on March 6, called Pocket Symphony. Expect a review at release.

Same for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Their new album, Some Loud Thunder, will be out on the thirtieth. I’ll review this too.

Radiohead is still plugging along in the studio. There hasn’t been too much significant news to speak of except that they are still working hard on their new album. If I had to give an estimate for release… I’d say around Summer. But don’t quote me on that. It just seems like a reasonable time. Sometimes Radiohead gets down to the nitty gritty and records really fast, but this won’t be one of those times, I’m sure of it. They sort of went into the studio with a raw set of songs in need of reworking, so I’d give them a couple months to get that sorted out, a couple more for mixing and working to find a label or decide their plan of release, and then a few more to actually release it. Or them. Who knows, this very well might not even be an album so much as a series of EPs or something.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are at it again, with a new album in…I think May? Pretty soon.

Same with The Dandy Warhols. They are recording now and will probably have a new album by summer, that seems to be their goal.

Smashing Pumpkins, or whats left of them, are still beating around the bush. I’m kind of sick of this. Don’t expect any significant news for a few more months. Whether or not the album will be any good is completely unknown, but I’m leaning towards a half decent album by the end of summer. Once again, total speculation.

Nine Inch Nails has, according to the offical site, been doing final mixing on a new album slated for an April release. This is surprising, considering it breaks Trent Reznor’s trend for an album every five years, but I’ll take what I can get.

The White Stripes are no longer on a label. V2 had a falling out and are no longer able to release any White Stripes albums, although they still hold the rights they had to the songs. The reason I mention this is because Jack White was already talking about some albums this year, either with The White Stripes or The Raconteurs. In any case, this is just an interesting tidbit for a band that has had no interesting tidbits in a long while.

If there is any more news to speak of, I’ll keep this posted.