Youtube Corner Pt. 5: Does anyone remember the glory days?

February 7, 2007

The glory days when Chicago really did have a team that could be considered the undeniable greatest in their sport? It’s hard to believe. I have many memories of exiting my den flailing my arms and swearing because the Cubs just can’t seem to get some freaking runs, god bless them. Football I’m just hard pressed to get excited about. But basketball, now THAT is a spectator sport. You can get bored with everything else easily, but basketball is where it’s at. And believe it or not, I do remember staying up late watching basketball when I was a kid. I had a Jordan poster in my room, and I always looked for them on the court, the dynamic trio of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, of course with all the rest such as personal favorite Tony Cucoach to make the team as truly special as it was. When Jordan wasn’t on the court, my immediate reaction was always, “why the hell not?” I remember being told one morning by my dad that I had gotten up in the middle of the night to watch The Bulls play, and I held up a conversation with him even though he knew I was really asleep. That always stuck with me for some reason as a very special memory. When a sports team can conjure a memory that poignant, that special, you know you have something cool on your hands.

So even though this is pretty irrelevant, this is worth it’s own corner. It’s from a DVD from a while ago about Michael Jordan, and it’s his ten best slam dunks. All of them are very cool. Just watch him tear through that defense. Sometimes it’s just ridiculous, and that’s coming from a guy who isn’t even that big of a sports fan. It’s just crazy to watch him annihilate so much.

In addition to this, I have a couple of other music related tidbits to share.  I’m not a fantastic source for this kind of news though, so don’t depend on me every time you want to know something about a band I just happen to like.  Anyway, Nine Inch Nails new album is called Year Zero and it’s out on April 17.  There is also finally a release date on the new Smashing Pumpkins album.  It will be released on July 7 (7/7/07) and it will be named “Zeitgeist,” a german word that refers to the state of a culture at any particular time.  Thank you Billy Corgan for finally divulging us with information that isn’t half assed.  I pretty much won’t talk about it until it’s out, because that’s the information I wanted and that’s all I need at the moment, save the lineup which I will talk about once I actually get the album and review it.  It should also be noted that Smashing Pumpkins are booked for four European festivals.  I know someone who is going to Germany just for the occasion, so he will tell me all about it.

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