Adam Jones is the hottest half-blood EVER

February 21, 2007

…Or perhaps Heromione is the hottest guitarist ever. I already posted this elsewhere, but whatever.

On the right is Adam Jones of Tool.

On the right is ADAM JONES OF TOOL

I’m not just fucking with you people. J.K. Rowling has kidnapped one of metals finest guitarists, and we need to rescue him. Get your guns and pack some sandwiches; we’re going to the UK.


One comment

  1. HUH? How did JK Rowling kidnap Adam Jones? Why is Adam Heromione? This is confusing… Poor Adam…. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He was my top celebrity crush…
    If this is true, can I come with you? I wanna see “Adam Jones”. I don’t have a gun though, because I am underage to weild one, so I’ll just annoy people and stall them with my horrible jokes and Maybe my friend could come too, he has a ton of weapons!

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