Youtube Corner Pt. 6: Some Coachella Stuff

May 2, 2007

Well, Coachella was over the weekend and now, only days later, the videos are pouring into youtube. The two biggest acts are, I think Rage Against The Machine and The Jesus And Mary Chain, both of which seem to have played exceptionally. But these two bands were not the only highlights. The fact that two awesome bands reunited for the festival was just the frosting on the cake. To be sure, Coachella has become the greatest music festival in the world, the lineup only getting better every year. No other festivals this year even stand a chance.

There are literally hundreds of Rage videos all over youtube from this show. It seems like absolutely everyone had a camera on them. But everyone knew that bootlegs and videos would be out for this show in no time. This is just a taste of what was up. The energy in the performance is just fantastic. Zack’s voice still sounds perfect and the band played like they hadn’t left. You have to understand that a Rage concert, let alone the first Rage concert in six years, isn’t too far from a riot and tens of thousands of people in the audience were jumping around rhythmically at any given time in the show. This may be just a taste, but once again, this was destined to be the most recorded show of the year. I wouldn’t rule out an official release of the show either. But what is the future of Rage? Well considering they are all unemployed otherwise, it’s my guess that Rage could be back for another album or tour.

The Arcade Fire have staked their place in the business with not only a great sophomore album but a killer live act. What struck me about this video was how much energy they all had. I don’t think there is really anything to say, because the video does the justice. Great quality, too.

The Jesus And Mary Chain ended up being a little crusty, which is understandable because it has been almost ten years since their last show and twenty since they were in their prime. Will’s voice specifically sounds a bit more tame, and some of the songs were played kind of slowly, but in any case, this is still The Chain. As far as playing goes everything was really tight. They actually debuted the night before, and someone has that whole show up on youtube for all to see. This particular clip is the band doing one of the most beautiful songs ever, Just Like Honey. But guess who showed up for both nights to help out on vocals? The one and only Scarlett Johansson.

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