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May 10, 2007

After you wake, you feel completely revitalized. Your clothes are waiting for you at the end of your bed. You quickly race down the sunlit stairway, touching every other step until the last, which you skip to get to the floor. Feet dangling, you dig through the box for the prize. You eat your Apple Jacks and give the little, quaint, Chinese novelty its two minutes. She is still tired, but she manages to get the goods into the crumpled paper bag. Your backpack sings of painted pots and the animal kingdom, in it’s twenty page entirety. She smiles at you with weary eyes, kisses you on the cheek, and helps you put your boots on. Rainy days in clouded May, she wonders if those self defense classes they wanted her to take would have really been for the better. She counts the hours until you will be home again and she can help you cut words out of magazines.