February Sucks. Horribly.

February 8, 2008

I’m going to have to seriously nominate it for worst month of the year. Bad shit always happens during February. The first problem is that it is the heart of winter, so it is either always subzero, or just warm enough to snow like crazy outside. I don’t know how much snow we have gotten in the past week. Enough to get two snow days. And I had a day off last week due to sickness too. It’s just as well, because school has been miserable lately. The classes suck, for the most part. I still have the large chunk of time in the morning where I don’t actually have to focus. But save maybe two or three classes, my day is mostly nasty crap. My gym class has gotten unbearable, but any attempt I make to switch out of it is in vain. It’s ironic that this last semester, that should be coasting as far as classes go, has to be so miserable, and have such a huge workload that is ultimately unrewarding as far as learning goes. It was destined to be miserable. I guess you only get as much as you put into your classes, but I can only put in so much with getting nothing back before I draw the line.

The basic idea at my school is this. If you are a Senior and you obey a simple attendance contract, keep up fairly good grades, and don’t do a Senior prank, you don’t have to take finals second semester. I find it to be some kind of constant reminder of a compromise that was made however many years ago it was. I can imagine it being a spiritual loss for both the school and the students. At any rate, what this compromise does is make second semester 100% drama. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. People are passing out “senior surveys” like crazy. It is the survey where you vote people “most likely to be a millionaire,” “cutest couple,” and “biggset spaz.” It’s pretty representative of how the school operates at this point. It is a clever way to label people, and a not so clever way for people to try to cling onto this school, and to make themselves remembered in the yearbook.

I want no nominate myself “most likely to be found on a raft in the middle of the Indian Ocean that is on the exact opposite side of the world as this school.”

But February was never any good in the first place. The big holiday is Valentine’s Day, which is the biggest crock of shit of all the holidays. I hardly have to explain why. It’s just a big corporate joke. It disgusts me. And not just because I am a troll living in a cave that is devoid of any love, and wishes to spread his grumpiness throughout the land. For the past two years I have listened to Loveless at full blast on Valentine’s Day. I would like to make it a tradition. My mother had no problem with it last year, which is weird, because she usually yells at me for volumes which I consider completely innocuous emenating from my stereo. However, last year, I would consider the volume of that album playing through my speakers to be dangerous. I mean, I was pushing the threshold of the knob. It’s a great experience. I suggest you all do it sometime, and what better time for My Bloody Valentine than Valentine’s Day?

I guess President’s Day is alright. I’d rather we didn’t have it though. Maybe we get the day off, and if that is the case, then it’s kosher with me, but I would much rather celebrate individual birthdays, of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. And Ronald Reagan I guess. You see? On President’s day, I have to observe all of the presidents. Even the shitty ones.

About 75% of what I have been listening to for the past two weeks is Massive Attack. I have decided that Mezzanine has no bad tracks, and the band has no bad albums. They still have their little hurdles that stop them from being one of my favorite bands, and I wouldn’t consider two of their albums great per se (Blue Lines and 100th Window). But christ, can they work a beat with sophistication. Their knack for creating an atmosphere with simple tools is something that very few other bands possess. And once again, their two best albums, Mezzanine and Protection, are unstoppable. And they are talking about a new album this year. So is Portishead, who I also adore. These could be some very exciting releases for 2008. I’ll keep an ear open and let you guys know how they are.

I finished The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m pretty convinced that book two is going to be easier. I’m going to finish this thing, for sure. So long as I find time. I think I had better uninstall AIM if I ever want to get anything done in the rest of this school year.

And that last sentence? That’s very important. That is probably my biggest problem right now. Or at least the other stuff that entails.



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