March 24, 2008

Against a backdrop of
flowery sky
Spongebob opens the door to
his Pineapple.

“I’m ready!”
he says.

He whistles and
makes his way across the sand to
Squidward’s house.

Tanks roll across
the border
Mortars fire off bombs as
soldiers plug their ears

“Everything is going as planned.
We are taking control.”

In green night vision
missiles whiz from large trucks into
windows of buildings.
People run.

“Really, this is no problem.
A minor situation.”

She claws for the remote, which I surrender.

“In other news, Brit-“

Squidward is not amused.
He plays a
slow serenade on his clarinet to
drown out
Spongebob’s incessant voice.


  1. o.o This sounds like television…

  2. Brilliant!

  3. I want to smoke a cigarette at this – aka – kudos.

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