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New Review System: Requests

May 28, 2008

School is now over for me, at least for the Summer until I ship off, and I have some more time on my hands. Time to read, clean, work, and write. The writing part hasn’t been happening as much as it used to. Not that this is a bad thing, but I usually find that I am simply not as motivated to write, and when I do, it is less fulfilling.

I have a theory. We are going to have you decide what I review. The following link is where a vast majority of my music collection is logged. is a very handy tool. It allows me to log what is in my collection, organize everything by facts such as year released, artist, and my own personal rating, post my reviews of albums, and label everything by my own tags. The pages are very navigable. From the preceding link, you can see everything that I have reviewed in high regard, low regard, everything in the middle, things I have not yet rated, things that are on my wishlist, etc. I have some specific tags as well, such as Shoegaze, Metal, Ambient, Soundtrack, and much more. My most used tag is “Reviewed.” I use this tag to label albums that I have already reviewed.

What I ask is that you visit that link, find an album you want me to review that is not tagged as “reviewed,” and email the album title to me at I would suggest doing this by clicking on the “Ratings” tab underneath my ratings descriptions. You can view all of my ratings by clicking the blue large number next to the word “Ratings.” In doing this, you can organize all of the albums by various criteria such as name, artist, and release date. Or you can click on a specific rating (.5-5.0 stars) underneath that, so that you can see all of the albums I have assigned to a given rating. That makes it easier to see albums I really like or really dislike.

I will also accept requests for unrated albums, which are essentially albums I have not yet listened to at great length and cannot form an opinion on yet. Do not request anything on my wishlist.

I can’t promise I will get around to every request, but I will try. Some reviews will be full, some brief. I don’t really know how big of a response I am going to get for this. We shall see. In the meantime, send the requests my way and I’ll try to make it work. Thank you!