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Messages in bottles

August 16, 2008

I’ll let you guess what is from the inbox and what is from the outbox. These are not in chronological order.


Praise the lord. At the moment, I have all vowels.

I am so utterly, completely stupid and incapable of leading my own life.

I would love to see what havoc texas weather would wreak upon your hair hahahaha

It really was- more like some avant-garde performance than a concert. Turns out she was fine, but her phone got drenched in sweat and died, go figure.

And I just urinated on foreign grass.

Oh my goodness! Your birthday is tomorrow!!! 😀

-lies bleeding no ground- ‘et tu alexe’ hehe i understand. I lack boobies

Good. I miss you and i am glad that i will be seeing you soon.

Peaches and cream. You freaky deaky afro dynasty ass master 3900

Anything about Russia? Or Georgia?

Apparently Russia is invading Georgia…the country, not the state.

I was very, VERY confused.

My uncle is watching UFC. It seems to be a combination of gay porn, abuse, and product placement.

One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

I’m doing filing at this volunteer place and in the files there is a lady named Innocent Doudou

What is this, a parade?! women have left their values to the wind. Vavas in public 0.0

You little shit im going to college in a week!

Queen Gohma wants to be all up inside your bod

You. Me. September. Chicago. Rocket Summer. We’re going. And we’re kidnapping James Blunt.

The only name gayer than Geoffrey is Stepan.

Listening is An Act of Love, American Photobooth, Chicken Soup for the Nascar Soul, A New History of India, Free Money For Everybody, Twenty Years Before The Mast

That was an awesome womens archery final. My nipples will never be the same

I’m in shock

There are some shady characters parading around the Hinsdale oasis.

Good. An old woman at a jewelry store tried to sign me up for a preferred card. She wanted my social security #. So I left.

It ended up well. I bought five more music boxes. I now have nine. How are you?

Another friend of mine refuses to take medicine. ever. even when shes sick. i find that interesting even if I dont agree w/ it

People saying strange things during sex

I want a music box that has ashley tisdale in a snowglobe and plays Im Sorry I Love You

I understand that Russia and Georgia are now on the verge of all-out war.

Oh kind friend lets fly to the moon!

I HATE hot butter on my breakfast toast.

They do have california pizza kitchen and its called california pizza kitchen

Haha no i wish. I have been married off to the mop & we have children. Rubber gloves, Sponge& Bucket ug

Thanks for calling. I was asleep in my own bed when you called. How are you?

Hehe. Yeah it was sad. Usa was about to medal but shot an 8. Got fourth i think.

“the best things in life-aren’t things”

Thats surprising. yeah dont put up w/ that stuff…hes cool but thats not nice at all

I just saw Vincent Gallo in a Belvedere Vodka commercial.

I received herpes from Barinade. 😦

Ok cool! Ive never seen it 🙂 ucla is awesome! I love it here. Ill be back saturday afternoon so maybe next week?

________ _______ wrote on your Facebook wall: hey Alex, wow.. you could be tht naughty i didnt knw 😀  have a luk urself……(‘n’ for next)

What is easier/more reasonable to worry about…things that are in your control or out of your control?

Chicago CAN be green. Lots of rusted metal and chain link fences sprawling with vines and other green things

Breathing deeply, feeling the life return to my body tissues

Four things:

1. Good morning 🙂

2. I love you

3. Smile. Try not to let work get you down.

4. Happy four months. Always,