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9. TV on the Radio – Dear Science

December 14, 2008

TV on the Radio - Dear Science

A little less edgy than their previous work, TV on the Radio’s fourth studio album might not show the band blazing trails like on their previous work, but it is unquestionably their most fun album yet and possibly their best. While their breakthrough album Return to Cookie Mountain was at once both dark and challenging, Dear Science is a bit easier on the ears but by no means subdued. It is a loud, ass swinging electro-funk album that achieves the same kind of dreamlike psychosis which can be found in their earlier work, but it is now less of a fascinating nightmare and more of a pleasurable trip. If anything, it is immediately memorable for its idiosyncrasies. TV on the Radio have never tried full on pop music before, and as weird as it sounds or as much as one might want to think they have sold out, the straightforwardness pays off, and they make another genre their own. The songs can at times be almost surprisingly catchy, as with Halfway Home, Golden Age, and the burning funk classic Red Dress, and at other times subdued. Love Dog echoes of the wavering vocal line of Tonight off of Cookie Mountain, indicating that the band haven’t lost their fundamental tools. But when they most completely derail might be the most rewarding; you can almost see Tunde Adebimpe outside your window nervously holding the ring whispering his fragile vocals during Family Tree. TV on the Radio Play all their cards here, and they will further impress and charm anew.

TV On the Radio