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8. Mudhoney – The Lucky Ones

December 17, 2008

Mudhoney - The Lucky Ones

After their brief stint with politically charged protest punk, grunge pioneers Mudhoney returned to not giving a shit with this punk gem. The Lucky Ones may not be the most original punk album in the world – it takes many cues from The Stooges’ punk masterpiece Fun House – but really, Mudhoney aren’t the kind of band to care about who they borrow ideas from, and luckily their fanbase doesn’t care either, because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, The Stooges would be pretty flattered by this one. Twenty years after their loud beginnings, Mudhoney are riffing and rocking better than ever, and it is arguable that they are truly the only grunge band that has not lost their luster. Granted, they might not be utilizing any shock tactics from their early days or eclectic sounds from their mid-career, but these guys still sound like the garage band down the street who rocked the whole neighborhood whether they liked it or not, and actually ended up hitting it big. The album’s high points are blisteringly loud and fast, namely The Open Mind, the funkier title track, and Tales of Terror. While Soundgarden, Nirvana and the rest of the grunge giants made intellectual advances and intelligent record progressions that landed them all in different places and earned them critical praise, Mudhoney never changed much nor got much radio play, which is good, because no one really wanted them to. Although they seem to think different – Vocalist Mark Arm screams with the same power he had twenty years ago on the aforementioned title track, “The lucky ones are lucky they’re not around!” It’s almost as if they are punk vampires that have been trying to kill themselves for two decades by snorting bad crack and jumping off of roofs, but they just can’t seem to hurt themselves bad enough to find reason enough to stop making these awesome punk records.