June 30, 2009

If anyone has been wondering where the hell my once-a-week updates have gone, or at least why they never came back during these Summer weeks in which I should have more free time, I am still alive. I’ve been rather busy lately with a job, family obligations, and doing some needed catching up with close friends. But I have several projects on the backburner that will get done soon enough. Some album reviews, an entire new page outlining a collection that I have, a giant long term project that may or may not see the light of day eventually, and the Pitchfork Festival is coming up and I’ll probably provide coverage on my experience with that. For now, these are some songs that I’ve been into lately.

The Strokes – What Ever Happened?

Dinosaur Jr. – Over It

The Jackson 5 – ABC (of course!)

Yann Tiersen – La Redecouverte

Flying Lotus – Comet Course

Missy Elliott – Work It

Elvis Perkins – While You Were Sleeping

Mariah Carey – Heartbreaker

Boris – Ibitsu

The Streets – Has it Come to This?

J Dilla – Airworks

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