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Massive Attack – Splitting the Atom [Music Video]

February 3, 2010

Pitchfork has posted the music video for the new Massive Attack song, “Splitting the Atom.”

In short, it does what a lot of other great music videos do; it slowly creeps up on you and wows you. Besides being a really impressive technical achievement for director Edouard Salier, it is a feat of atmosphere and mood, gelling with the song to make a complete, fully rewarding product. As for “Splitting the Atom” as a song, it’s a strange victory. It clearly contains a dizzying weight similar to the last time Massive had Daddy G around, that is, Mezzanine. The song itself is pretty simple and digestible compared to prior Massive Attack singles, but it creeps, crawling under your skin with what sounds like Animal Collective source sampling for the synth melody, some sweeping strings and a reliably excellent guest spot from Horace Andy. Daddy G and 3D Del Naja also do a good job on their vocal spots, further emphasizing the fact that good Massive Attack singles are collaborative works. As a whole, it kind of makes my expectations for the new album, Heligoland, go in two different directions. One one hand, I do like the single a lot and it makes me excited for the full album. But I’m a bit worried that the whole album may sound like a streamlined version of Mezzanine. However, I would argue that Massive Attack haven’t made a bad album yet. The closest they have come is 2003’s 100th Window, which was, despite its flaws, a sleeper success. In any case, Heligoland will be released on Tuesday February 9th, so get ready.