March 2, 2010

So not too long ago, mi padre shipped a brand new pair of headphones to me, the ones you see below. In short, I am elated. I thought I’d take some time to go through the different pairs I’ve owned in the past few years. There are some really shitty pairs that aren’t even listed here, and pairs that are back home and cost next to nothing and weren’t very good. I don’t have access to them now and thus can’t give my thoughts on them because I don’t even remember exactly what they were.

Bose Quietcomfort 15

My latest pair of headphones, the Bose Quietcomfort 15 is much the same as the Bose Quietcomfort 2. At least they look that way. I’ve done a little research and apparently their insides are a way different. You can hear the difference. The sound quality and noise canceling are even better here, and they were already excellent to begin with. The general population seems to believe that these headphones have the best noise canceling capabilities on the market, and I would believe it. It feels like all other sound is just pushed to the background when you are wearing these.

Also nice is how comfortable they are. The ears as well as the…archy thing are padded, and they are thus extremely comfy to wear. That’s a huge thing for me with headhphones- if they aren’t comfortable, then there is a big problem. So it’s good that these feel like heaven. Yet another big plus is that they are pretty compact and good for traveling. They come with a carrying case too. So did the Quietcomfort 2, but I didn’t use it for that pair, and that may or may not have something to do with its breaking down. But with these, I always use the carrying case.

This is the best pair of headphones I have ever owned, hands down.

Skullcandy Icon

This cheap pair of Skullcandy headphones is what I have been using since my Bose Quietcomfort 2 broke down. I knew I needed something cheap that would last me until Spring Break when I could get the Quietcomfort 2 fixed, and these were the cheapest pair of non-earbud headphones that my school’s bookstore had. I paid about $30 for them, and I wouldn’t really have paid more.

They are a cheap, usable pair of headphones with one big flaw; they are grossly uncomfortable. I don’t know if i just have a big head, but these headphones are only angled in one particular way and slide off of my ears and consequently my head with ease. It makes wearing them very uncomfortable and troublesome, and I was pretty much itching to get rid of them by the time the new Bose headphones came in the mail. I can get them to a position where they won’t fall off of my head, but are still rather uncomfortable.

The only situation I can think of where I would still listen using these would be if I was walking somewhere and didn’t want my expensive Bose headphones to be out in the open for all to see, or steal.

Bose Quietcomfort 2

Before my new Quietcomfort 15, my high end pair of headphones was the Bose Quietcomfort 2, shown here. These served me well for a long time. They were (still are) comfy, lightweight, and sound great. Their noise canceling capabilities are top of the line, and I could bring these on a plane and listen to music with ease on any trip. They served me well with very few problems that were rectified through trips to the Bose store, and they were, up until now, the best pair of headhphones I’d ever had. Pricey yes, but well worth it. When they broke down, the left earpiece gave out constantly, and wouldn’t go back on unless I kept messing with it. It essentially made this pair unusable. I am hoping I can still get it fixed.

Apple Earphones

The Apple Earphones, in their various forms, are probably the most commonly used headphones on the market. They are cheap and come free with many Apple products, including iPods, and they have become a sort of symbol of the wired, technological consumer culture of the past decade or so.

Truth be told, I never really use these Earphones unless I absolutely have to. I may have used them briefly by choice in High School, or possibly in other situations when I need something compact to play sound in a hurry, but I’ll almost have another type of headphones to play music, and I can’t say that I feel I’m missing out.

My biggest problem with these earphones was always that they were incredibly uncomfortable. After just a little while of listening with them, my ears would get sore and hurt, and I would have to stop listening to my music because the discomfort would distract me so much. I’m not sure if this is the case with everyone, but I personally can’t take the punishment they give my ears.

Sennheiser PX 100

Finally, I thought I’d give this special pair of headphones that I own a wholehearted shout out. I owned this pair of foldable/portable Sennheiser’s a few years ago, I believe when I was a Senior in High School. Brian gave me a pair as a gift. They no longer work, but I thought I’d keep the broken pair just to remind me of how awesome they are.

These are, without a doubt, the best bang-for-buck headphones I’ve ever owned. For a typical price of $50, they had very good sound quality and were possibly the comfiest headphones I’ve ever owned. The earpieces could turn on a little axis and thus can fit to just about any head size, and they were incredibly light. Whenever I was wearing them, it felt like I was wearing nothing. Also, they were small and stylish, which is usually something I don’t care about, but the fact that they looked good and never got in the way was a plus. They can even fold up and go into a little carrying case that was included with the headphones.

If I had folded them up and kept them in that case, they may have lasted longer. I gave this pair a beating a few times. When they were on my head, I would sometimes catch my knee on the wires while tying my shoe and give them a forceful yank. The result was that one of the ears and its plastic thing attached to it eventually broke, and thus it wouldn’t click into place when extended. Then it broke off entirely. I was so sad. In any case, if I needed to buy another cheap pair in a pinch, a Sennheiser PX would definitely be at the top of my list. Hell, it is anyway; I might just want another pair for the hell of it, they were so good.

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