Great '90s Albums

April 5, 2010

Remember how I did that big “Best of the ’00s” list a few months back?

Well here’s the start of the list for the ’90s.


I’m doing this one completely differently. It’s going to be an ongoing list that will change and grow as long as I keep finding great albums from the 90s. Recommendations are more than welcome, but understand I know there are a lot of albums that aren’t on that list yet that I love but I just haven’t had the time to write about yet. Still, feel free to drop some recs either here or at RYM, if you have an account.

One comment

  1. I cannot take this list seriously until you add Faith No More’s Angel Dust to it. I don’t make lists of records, books, movies, or anything else. But Angel Dust is hands-down my favorite record ever, for what it’s worth.

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