My name is Alex. I live in Washington DC, and I am from the Chicago area. My favorite color is Red. I am a very happy man. I love music. I play the violin and the electric bass, on occasion. I would like to buy a mandolin. I listen to more music than could be considered healthy. I have a pretty open mind about things. There really isn’t a genre that I can’t find something I like in. I also love film. I am becoming better at watching movies. My favorite movie is Lost In Translation, but I watch way to many movies to give any hierarchy beyond that. I also love to write. I try to write something, anything, every day. In a diary, through emails, through school, or through this website, which I am pretty proud of.

That is all. Any questions, drop me an email at juicelee94@gmail.com, or reach me on my AIM at JuiceLee94.



  1. Hi, my name is Laura Borchert and I am with One Little Indian Records in San Francisco, CA. U.K. artists Alabama 3 are going to be releasing a greatest hits CD called, “Hits and Exit Wounds” on July 8. I was wondering if you would be interesting in featuring them on your blog. I can send you a copy of their CD so you can make some tracks available to your viewers. You may know this band from The Sopranos, they perform the theme song, and the album offers a different version from the show.

    If you are interested in featuring Alabama 3 on your blog, please respond to me with your mailing address so that I can send you a copy of their CD

    Kind Regards,
    Laura Borchert
    One Little Indian-U.S.

  2. I like your blog. I’m obcessed with music too. Kepp it up!!

  3. great blog– glad I stumbled across it. Given your musical proclivities, you should check out Headend and Pineapple Thief.

  4. You made it on one my Blogroll lists 😀

  5. blogs are cool. so are ice cubes.

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