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Off This Century – My Favorite Albums of 2000-2009

December 25, 2009

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars

February 26, 2008

I guess this week has been astronaut week or something? First The Orb, and now this. Hmm.

I miss when all bands released albums every year or two, instead of leaving big four or five year gaps between albums. The wait isn’t always worth it. Yeah, if the album ends up being excellent, then there is nothing to complain about, but back in the 60s and 70s, bands cranked out albums at breakneck paces, because it was their job and that’s just what they did to put bread on the table. The industry has changed. Now, we often wait four years for an album that sucks. It really impresses me that bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin released one or two albums a year with such consistent quality. And I’ll apologize, because mentioning the kitschy Japanese psychedelic band Acid Mothers Temple in the same paragraph as The Beatles or Led Zeppelin is a sin. But I’m a sinner. So are these guys. Gluttony. Lust. Pride maybe?

Acid Mothers Temple are a noise rock band that don’t really make music with song structure. They mostly solo over sheets of hard noise and vintage space age sound effects. And the solos aren’t that great. I’d call them trashy. But at the very least, Acid Mothers Temple know who they are, and they won’t pretend to be anything else. They just aren’t quite up with the times. Not that that’s bad or anything. They are probably just completely stoned. I wish I could give them a time machine so they could go back in time and do damage three or four decades ago. I think they would enjoy that.

Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars does not do anything different than the bands previous albums, but it arguably does them better, and it is much more well produced. The other Acid Mothers Temple albums sound extremely rough in terms of production, and Crystal Rainbow Pyramid smoothens things out a bit in that respect. The album consists of three songs that continuously get more progressive and impressive as they go along. The opening Pussy Head Man From Outer Space is reminiscent of Electric Love Machine from the bands most popular album, Univers Zen Ou De Zero a Zero, in that it is a short rocker with a mildly cognisible progression. It is the shortest song on the album, but that isn’t saying a lot, because it clocks in at about 7:42. The albums self titled song comes next, and it is over twenty minutes. Which isn’t that bad, really. It’s a nice, slow, groovy song, and it changes things up a lot. But by this time, we start to ask ourselves if it is really necessary to have songs this long. These grooves could have lasted half as long and been just as effective, and the lengths feel like they were achieved for the sake of quantity.

Nothing says this more than the albums meatiest song, the final forty minute long epic Electric Psilocybin Flashback. It opens with an eastern guitar riff that reoccurs throughout the song in order to segment it, but really, it is a boring riff that sounds tired after one minute. The song doesn’t really do anything new or exciting, bar some fun saxophone solos that drift in and out that could have probably been given their own song. In all honesty, this song is mediocre enough to be a b-side. And it’s forty minutes long. Go figure. At the very least it will please AMT fans though, and if you enjoy noise rock, it will glide over your ears and have you grooving along for at least around fifteen minutes before it starts to piss you off.

I enjoy Acid Mothers Temple way more than any other noise act out there, and in that way this album was worth it to me. It isn’t a huge accomplishment of 2007, but if you are even considering Acid Mothers Temple, you probably know what kind of music you are in for. If not, the best introduction is Univers. It is the best album, the most digestible and fun, and really, you don’t need anything else. Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars isn’t even comparable to Univers, but it definitely isn’t a failure. I like it. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. And I’d say it probably satisfied AMT themselves thoroughly, and that might be what matters most.