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George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

February 25, 2007

As I write this, it is very late on the birthday of one of my musical idols, former Beatles member and eternal angel George Harrison. The post may not say as much though, the clock is pretty screwed up. In any case, George has always been a very special person to me. Without a doubt, he is my favorite Beatle, and he has always been a source of spiritual and emotional inspiration. George died over five years ago and I miss him every day. He is truly a wonderful human being and worthy of more praise than can ever be given. I would just like to wish him a very happy birthday and a peaceful rest forever. I am sure he has found peace. His music lives on forever as priceless art and will forever be treasured.

I would like to take this very special day to aknowledge George’s first solo album, All Things Must Pass. I gave this album a very special listen today to commemorate him and it struck me more today than ever… This is one of the greatest albums ever made. Period. I don’t want to be too longwinded here because this album really doesn’t need anyone elses words to accompany it. I would say that this is by far the best double album ever, but it is in fact a triple album, and only double-CD. Every song is a handpicked work of art, and a perfect vessel for this mans brilliant talent. The general style is that of folk-rock, but there is a very big production here, all rooting back to the great slide guitar and wonderful wall of sound effect that is employed here, with myriads of shining acoustic guitars and strings. Without a doubt, this album has fantastic production. But production is almost negligible when you have already constructed a perfect album. Every song on this album shines with love honest feeling.

It is very rare that I ever talk about one of my absolute favorite records ever, but I guess today just felt like the right day to give this the attention it deserves. Get ready, because you’re about to see me in a vulnerable state. This album moves me on a wonderful emotional level. But the coherency of the album is one thing… The very tail end of the album consists of original jams, and while they aren’t really priceless songs, they are still nice. In any case, the album isn’t without it’s few weak tracks. It’s truly shocking how consistant All Things Must Pass is… When you listen to this, it’s not until you get to I Dig Love when you think, “oh man, finally, a track that might be weak. I was beginning to think this was the best damn thing I’ve ever heard!” Well shit, I Dig Love is fifteen tracks in, and when a great little pop gem is comparatively weak, you know you have something great on your hands.

To talk about standout tracks is absolutely ridiculous. Honestly. Almost every track here is freaking gorgeous, from the opening smooth folk love swirl of I’d Have You Anytime to the tough blues rock of Art of Dying and the wonderful pop stomp of Wah-Wah, a statement on the Beatles. Theres really no explaining it… On a twenty three track album, only five songs are really disposable, and they are those latter ones I mentioned. Chances are everyone has heard My Sweet Lord and If Not For You at some time in their lives, but just hasn’t known who it was. Listening to this album is like meeting an old friend for the first time in many years with just as much joy as when you really got to know them. A personal favorite song is Apple Scruffs, a guitar and harmonica duet with an absolutely heart melting hook.

George Harrison and also All Things Must Pass have always held very special places in my heart. This is without a doubt one of my absolute favorites and a true essential to absolutely everyone. The album is filled to brim with priceless melodies, every song as moving as the last. There is no doubt in my mind that All Things Must Pass is better than any other solo album of a Beatles member. In fact, when I think about it, it’s better than any Beatles album, and I say that with complete honesty. Happy Birthday George; we all love you and miss you very much.