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How to Dress Well

August 18, 2010

How to Dress Well - can't see my own face: the eternal love 2

Tom Krell is a Brooklyn artist who records homemade, lo-fi R&B music under the name How to Dress Well. His songs are mostly vocally driven, and accompanied by minimal, fuzzy instrumentation. The melodies are often very simple and emotional.

“you won’t need me where i’m goin” comes from the EP that came out earlier this year called “can’t see my own face – the eternal love 2.” It’s a live version, but you wouldn’t be able to tell until the applause at the end. It’s one of the stronger tracks How to Dress Well has produced yet, groovy and wet with reverb.

“Ecstasy With Jojo” samples Michael Jackson, which is appropriate for How to Dress Well’s style which recalls Jackson era pop music. It is much more poppy than other work, and equally as soulful.

His debut LP “Love Remains” comes out on September 21.


you won’t need me where i’m goin (li

How to Dress Well – Ecstasy With Jojo

How to Dress Well