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Youtube Corner Pt. 7: Neil Young Concert

November 13, 2007

Last night I saw Neil Young at the Chicaco Theatre, on the first of two nights there, and it was really nice. The concert came in two portions, one half solo acoustic and the other half full band electric. I really enjoyed both portions almost equally. In the acoustic portions, Neil played his pianos, guitars, and harmonicas with great feeling, making each note as heartfelt as we expect him to. But the man knows how to rock out and do ten minute long guitar solos (on Old Black, no less!) with heavy distortion. I recognized a ton of the songs he played, which was something I was worried about not happening. He has such a massive discography that I expected him to do more obscure stuff than the hits, but he played a ton of his best songs and didn’t just dwell on the new or obscure. Really wonderful concert.

At one point during the acoustic half, he kind of broke off into a completely unrelated story about crawfish and his experience in the second grade. It was funny and distinctly Neil Young. After that, he went on to play one of the most beautiful acoustic renditions I have ever heard. It was Mellow My Mind off of Tonight’s The Night, and he played by himself with a banjo. It has been echoing in my mind for the past day. This is a very similar version of the song played back in 1976, at Budokan, and is completely flawless. My ears are in love. Enjoy.